UK Mini-Comics Thing

There are 3 one-page strips of mine featured in PAPER TIGER #4 which i think will be launched at the UK web & mini comix thing on Saturday March 17th in East London.
I 'll be sharing the Bonehouse Books table with Jon Chandler who is bound to drop some hot new avant garde shit on everybody.
Contrary to my earlier post, 'Trevorgus' definately won't be ready now 'cos of some illustration work i need to do. I will have some sort of new book ready though otherwise i might look a right spare-part...again!


Jon Chandler said...

working hard on heating up that shit. We haven't got long so I'll try hard!
We'll probably end up with a bunch more dudes jumping om our table too no doubt which is cool if they buy us some sweets. I am partial to dried squid so send out the message.
What's the illustration work dude?
(i didn't think the Wolf actually played the guitar, I just thought he sang but I am probably wrong. Ozzy?)

Hurk said...

yeah sure he plays that gee-tar and the harmonica too! Have you seen- LuLu have got their own table at the thing.
I prefer FRIED squid to dried squid, but i've never tried the dried, so along as it's died and cooked inside, i'll swallow that squid along with my pride.
('choklit rayzunz' are also good)