Favourite Gear

I was checking out an old book that i made in infant school.
It was a project where you had to write about yourself, draw round your feet and hands, write how tall, heavy you was, what your favourite colour was, that kind of thing.
Then on one page was this picture and the bold statement "My Favourite Gear Is Superman Gear!". I don't remember having a great deal of 'superman gear' but i did have a T-shirt so that must be the gear to which i refer.
The picture's ok but the classroom must have been low on crayons cos i ended up with more of a West Ham combination.


Jon Chandler said...

I always want to suggest doing a book that collects our kids drawings but I'm sacred because they will be better than the stuff we are doing now.
My favourite gear is Krull enemy foot soldier gear.

Hurk said...

You ARE sacred! The stuff i have of mine is mainly well known superheroes fighting and cops from well known 70's and 80's TV fighting. My only original creation was something too rubbish, and was just a 'bananaman' type rip-off anyway!

stupidmonster said...

I wanna see your Bananaman rip-off!!
I did mainly Hong Kong Phooey rip-offs when I was a kid.