One of the reasons why Meat Hill is on hold is that i'm trying to get a smaller comic book finished in time for the London Comixthing in March.
This is the preliminary cover for it, it's called 'Trevorgus' 'cos i was listening to CYMANDE'S funky song of that name when i started drawing it and i thought the title sounded mythological, then i found out that it's a place in Cornwall. Anyway i'm getting on with this now, hopefully it'll be a 32 page A5 job.


Beezer B said...

Oh swells.
I feeled when looking at your christmas card that it's been about a million years since your last comic. This isn't true but it was my feeling on looking at your christmas card.
You could do a whole series of books with names of Cornish villages, they have the best names evar! Although the single best village name evar is


in Wales. SO-YES!

Hurk said...

Cheers. It's been over a year since the last, so i better get this done or i'm gonna look retired.
Was Muff K Diamond born in Pant-Y-Menyn?