Life, Death, Prizes!

When i was in the supermarket queueing i noticed a copy of, i think it was CHAT! magazine. The humourous 'tagline' underneath read- "life death prizes", very post-modern and i liked it so much that i've given INFOMATON, one of the characters from TREVORGUS, those words in tattoo form on his front.


Beezer B said...

At christmas we bought a whole handful of those magazine to fill the extra time spent on the toilet after eating lots of meat. They went down pretty well. Clockwork Orange has nothing on that ultraviolence.

Hurk said...

Perfick log-dropping material.
Where did that Genre start?? Did the enquirer and jerry springer come first? As long as i can remember those cheaper'womens magazines'have always been a heady mix of cancer, tumors, incest, adultery, soapstars, serial killings, recipes and wordsearchs.