I Want Ya Skull!

Those behind 'I want your skull' made a very level-headed and intelligent decision to publish this piece of my work in their new ultra-fancy limited edition zine.
The mag is full of art focussed on 'the skull and all things skeletal' and there's plenty of much better stuff than mine in there.
They've also gone all-out in a blaze of glory on the production values tip so it looks well tasty! It can be got hold of in exchange for dollars HERE.


Jon Chandler said...

Hurk, how did you find this? Hurk has been browsing for skulls.
Weird website.

Jon Chandler said...

and one hell of a cool pic by you too

you can use that in your raps, no charge, you can also have-

chicken and mushroom slice-nice

Hurk said...

Thanks a lot amigo, and you can have this rhyme off the dome for free!
"I shot 2 turkeys on holiday in leiston
if ya wanna share 'em with me, ya can bloody help me baste 'em!"

Jon Chandler said...

chicken and mushromm slice ;-)