Book Vandal #1

A long time ago, me and some clever dicks thought of recycling old or 2nd hand books by customising/vandalising them and selling them off as expensive art objects, ha!
Well it was'nt an original idea and we never actually did it anyway but i just dug up a few books that i 'started-but-did-not-finish'. This page (drawn into a children's textbook called 'Vento Novo', alongside some nice words by augusto Gil) really reminds me of THESE yuletide cards that the infamous Jon Chandler made, but i did'nt bite, honest guv!


Jon Chandler said...

I just wrote a really nice and revealing comment but blogger wouldn't let it happen and there's no back button in these pop-up windows. Another reason why livejournal is better than blogger.
But blogger is a beat neater looking I suppose and it fits your style.

Hurk said...

i'm already hitting a few 'size' problems with the pics on blogger, so you might have been right afterall.

Beezer B said...

That looks chip butty